For Honor Deluxe Edition(English & Chinese Subs)

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DESCRIPTION Ubisoft are bringing new IP For Honor to consoles and PC at an unknown future d..

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Ubisoft are bringing new IP For Honor to consoles and PC at an unknown future date, but the Deadliest Warrior-esque concept and melee focus are enough to make anticipation painful. For Honor centers around three medieval legacy melee fighting classes: the knight, the samurai, and the viking and introduces them all to the same objective-based battlefield. As expected each class of fighter will have their own unique set of abilities, weapons, and advantages for players to use against one another.

At first the gameplay and combat is reminicsent of the 'musou' genre mixed with MOBA-style AI waves, but seems to make combat control and finesse a much higher priority when you're dueling another player. The 'Art of Battle' control scheme allows players to use the R-stick to control your sword-play, choosing which side of the blade to strike or block with.

Speaking of other players For Honor will undoubtedly have a multiplayer focus as it has been announced to be team based (at least one mode will be 4v4), where players will need to fight for control points on the battlefield. Players will most likely find themselves running between points on the battlefield, carving up the AI along the way 'musou' style, and having multiple duels at the points of interest. From the gameplay video we can see that at a certain point in the battle players will experience a form of perma-death.

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Original Name  榮耀戰魂 (中英文合版)
Official Release Date  Feb 14, 2017
Language  Voice: English
Subtitles  Chinese, English
Genre  Action Adventure
Version  Asia
Catalog No.  PLAS-07096
Item Code  4891670643231


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