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Diablo III

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Evil Returns in Diablo III:

Evil threatens to destroy mankind once more in one of the most anticipated games of today, Diablo III! This record breaking fastest selling PC game that sold more than 12million copies is the third installment to the Diablo franchise that is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It follows the happenings in Diablo II and offers a new kind of twist with awesome gameplay innovations and thrilling action packed adventures that will surely hook old time fans and new players alike!

Improved Gameplay Fit to Kill the Demon:

Play either as a Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, Barbarian or a Demon Hunter which are tasked to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo himself. Transverse destructible environments and drop in and out of sessions of co-op play whenever you want. Enjoy different experiences when a game is replayed with the game’s improved quest system, random level generator and random encounter generator. Explore a variety of innovations that speed up gameplay and make gaming satisfaction truly a one of a kind.

Hardcore Mode:

In Diablo III, players have the power to intensify gaming experience by creating hardcore characters that have special abilities and can team up with other hardcore characters. They are ranked separately and cannot return to the game if killed, though the ghost of the character can still chat and appear in rankings. 

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Official Release Date  Sep 03, 2013
Language  Voice: English, French
Subtitles  English, French
Genre  Action Adventure
Version  Asia
Catalog No.  K9Z-00003
Item Code  0885370679298



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